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Price Match Guarantee

We are absolutely confident that the prices we offer are second to none. So if you can find the same product at a cheaper price anywhere in the country we will guarantee to match it!

Over the past few years it has become increasingly common for manufacturers to use different types of leather in their sofas, and retailers are not always very up front when it comes to telling the customer what they are getting. As a result we have seen more and more customers comparing the prices of top grain leather suites with bonded leather suites, for example, and thinking they are getting a fantastic deal when actually they are not.

We put a badge on every product page telling you exactly what type of leather our sofas are made from, and have written an extended leather guide to explain the differences. We are absolutely convinced that within each category we have the best prices available, and that is why, as stated above, if you see the same product elsewhere for a cheaper price we will guarantee to match it!